I Am the Queen Finale: The End of Charly’s Flow

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 05, 2021  

I am the queen came to an end with a thrilling finale as Charly’s misdeeds eventually caught up with him. Yameli had been after him from the beginning for stealing her music and planting drugs on her, which she spent 17 years in jail for. After earning her freedom, Yameli tried to get back at Charly by using his wife, Diana. Dhr helped Diana find evidence against Charly for laundering money at the studio, Luxor, but Charly had her killed.

Things went completely wrong for Charly after the death of Diana. He tried to pin the crime on Yameli but she managed to prove her innocence. He therefore paid his henchman, Tonio and his accountant at Luxor so they would not reveal the truth. The police gunned down Tonio as he tried to escape, while Yameli convinced the accountant to tell the truth. All this while, Charly lied to his daughter, Vanessa by saying that Yameli was lying and wanted to destroy him.

Vanessa’s suspicions about her father grew and in the end, she gave the police Charly’s gun and Diana’s phone with recordings between them. This was the evidence they needed to convict Charly. In a last minute effort to save himself, Chalry kidnapped Yameli. He wanted her to make a public statement that she had lied about all her accusations. Vanessa once again helped the police find him and he was finally arrested. He was convicted for money laundering and murder charges, ending his successful career in a tragic manner.

It was however a happy ending for Yameli and Juanjo, Eric and Irma, Vanessa and Sergio, as well as Axel who finally had a successful music career. What did you think of the finale?

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