I am the Queen: Charly’s Search for the Spy

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: April 15, 2021  

Charly Flow’s success may soon end as Yameli seeks to take revenge on him for putting her in prison for 17 years. Disguised as a music composer, Yameli was able to secure a position at Charly’s studio and has been working endlessly to ruin his career. Unfortunately, her latest stint made Charly suspicious and he is on the lookout for the person who has been spying on him.

Yameli’s mission is to help the police catch the criminal Monchis, through his nephew, Charly. Her efforts led the police to Monchis but he was able to escape. Unfortunately, Charly got shot during the incident and had to go into hiding. Yameli helped him save face with the public by saying that he had gone into rehab for alcohol addiction.

When Charly returned, he immediately searched for spying devices in his office and found the microphone that Yameli installed. He asked security to review the camera footage to see who had gone into his office in the hope of catching the spy. Fortunately, Yameli had anticipated this and managed to delete all the footage before Charly could review it.

Charly can only speculate for now, as he still has no idea who has been spying on him. Will he be able to catch Yameli? You can follow I am the Queen to find out! The show airs Sunday through Wednesday on Citizen TV.

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Mary Njehia


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