I am the Queen: Charlie Vs Erick

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: June 12, 2021  

The Reggetone star of I am the Queen, Charlie Flow might soon lose his flow to newcomer, Erick! The two who play brothers on the show have a healthy rivalry between them as seen on a recent concert that they jointly headlined.  We want to know today, which team you are betting on!

Team Charlie

Charlie with the flow is a renowned artist who has had a successful singing career for 17 years. Unfortunately, his star is starting to diminish and he is eager to keep his spot as the most successful artist in Mexico. Here is one of his successful tracks, titled Reflejo.

Team Erick

Erick is a new artist who grew up in the shadow of his brother’s stardom and wants to build his own name in the industry. This is the reason he signed with a rival studio instead of Luxor, owned by Charlie. The song below was his debut track, titled Estamos perdiendo el tiempo.

What is your favorite artist on the show? Charlie or Erick?

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