How to Write a Great Research Paper? Your Favorite TV Series Can Teach You

How to Write a Great Research Paper? Your Favorite TV Series Can Teach You

How to write a good research paper using TV shows? We will provide you with best practices.

You would never have thought that watching TV is something which could help you write a research paper, would you? Television and films are for switching off, for relaxing at the end of the day when all your work is done. Not for taking writing lessons from. But think for a minute: why do you like your particular shows so much? What makes you tune into them week after week? Writing is what makes or breaks a TV series (and a film, though it generally has more budget to distract people with), and so paying attention to what makes the writing so good is something which can help you to improve your writing game, even if only a little. True, the styles of writing are very different, it is true, but TV shows have captured the ability to hold people’s attention…what if you could do the same with your own writing? These techniques can be learned, and the learning is as easy as paying closer attention to your favourite TV when it comes on.

What series should I watch?


This show has captivated people with its use of humour and good characterisation, while giving a good and valid social message which is all the more poignant for not being anvilicious. The writing on this show allows it to comment on such themes as racism and LGBT issues, through having its characters choose to act or not act in specific ways. When I am writing my research paper, this is something I am trying to achieve as well – the ability to help people see what I am trying to say not because I spoon-feed them the information, but because I am showing them the logical conclusions which come from the data and examples included in the text.

Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones is unlike other fantasy series’ in that it avoids talking about or using magic overmuch, so as to really bring home the reality of what living in that time would be like. Admittedly the violence is part of what keeps people hooked, but it is the way in which the violence helps the story which really brings people in. This attention to detail is something which you can use in your own writing as well, to bring people in and keep them hooked on your work throughout. The extra work will be appreciated by the people reading, as your attention to detail will help to show them everything that is important in the subject.

The Walking Dead

This eighth season long programme has thoroughly explored its original premise – that of what would happen the world at large if there was a virus which would turn us into zombies (not by conventional means either – rather than instantly turning into a zombie, everyone is already infected, and has to live with the knowledge that they will turn when they die).  Any research paper writing service will be able to give you a paper which observes all the angles of a problem, but it is possible to learn how to do so yourself. Just as The Walking Dead examines all of the aspects of a zombie apocalypse, doing so yourself in your writing will enable you to create a much clearer picture for your audience.

Criminal Minds

A crime show, even with a twist, may not seem like the best candidate for teaching about writing, but consider how the show approaches crime. Instead of having the normal procedures, the cast instead looks at what they know about the criminal, and use that information to determine what he or she will do next. This approach is something can be useful for introductions, as they too need to provide a ‘profile’ of the subject – Criminal Minds can teach alternative ways to do that.

Breaking Bad

If you are writing about a transformation of some kind, Walter White is an amazing study in how circumstances can change a good man into a bad one. The ravages of illness mean that he becomes a hugely powerful and ruthless drug-dealer, but how does it happen? Breaking Bad explores that from multiple viewpoints, which is something that your research paper, if you have to study a similar transformation, will benefit from.

Person of Interest

This show is a five season-spanning story surrounding a sentient AI and its efforts to protect humanity. It does this with an ever-evolving cast of fully-realised characters. Anybody who wants to infuse their characterisation with humanity and life would do very well to watch this show.

Star Trek

This TV show is very well-known, but it can still surprise people with what they can learn from it. Issues of ethics and contemporary politics were often discussed within the show. Any writer would improve on watching the classic episodes such as The Drumhead or The Measure of a Man, to see how the show approached complicated ethics.


This long-running show had a lot of devoted fans right to the end, all of whom loved its combination of science and mythology. If you are writing something which has to speculate somewhat on the outcomes of certain topics, look to Stargate for tips on how to do so credibly.


It would be easy to go to essayzoo.org for any type of paper, but there is an easy way to improve your writing: by watching TV. TV shows have to have good writing, or they won’t last long, so the likes of Breaking Bad and Star Trek can move from simple entertainment to an educational experience.




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