How to Reply to a ‘I Miss You’ Text from Someone You Don’t Really Miss

Article by Jacqueline Kendi
Posted: July 12, 2017  

We’ve all at one time been in this conundrum. An affectionate text message from someone whose feelings toward you are barely reciprocal, or even worse, an EX! It’s a sucky position to be in ? staring endlessly at your screen trying to figure out an appropriate response. So how do you reply to a ‘I miss you’ text from someone you do not miss at all?

Reply with an emoji: If it’s someone you respect and don’t want to hurt their feelings by not replying, you can just use an emoji to reply. That way you are not using words to lie, probably a smiley face or blushing emoji.

Appreciate: If you don’t want the text to be the beginning of a long convo, saying ‘Thanks/Thank you’ is the perfect way to go.

Say it back: Depending on who the person is to you, you can say ‘I miss you too’ but that may lead to a conversation. And if the person is one you did not want to talk to, then after the reply you can just blue-tick them or use a smiling emoji to end.

Ignore it: This is best if the text is from a potential stalker or that ex that you have been trying to move on from. They may be obsessed with you and engaging them would just send them mixed signals.

How would you reply to such a text? Let us know on the comments below.


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