How to Make Your Kids’ Birthdays Special Amid COVID-19

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Posted: May 26, 2020

With the pandemic causing havoc all over the world, you might be racking your brain on how to celebrate your kid/s birthdays and make them feel happy, special, and loved without seeing their peers. Fret not, there are many ways you can make their birthday extra special despite the inconvenience. Remember, kids, are not superficial beings and will appreciate the simplest of things. Family time matters the most. Here are some ways to celebrate your kid/s birthday amid COVID-19:

Drive through-Birthday Parade

Secretly arrange for friends and family to drive-by your house or a public recreational park  (if permissible). Set a narrow time limit; about 15 minutes-half an hour. It’ll feel more like a party or a parade when there are cars lined up honking and shouting well-wishes. Party ‘guests’ can make birthday signs and decorate their cars. Party gifts can be passed through the window. Make sure ‘guests’ put them in bags for an easy, minimal-contact transfer. 

*Watch this video for inspiration

Virtual Gatherings

Gather friends and family virtually to wish your child a happy birthday. Vidhug is a great way to do this. It’s a video montage of family & friends celebrating someone special. Plan a virtual birthday for your kid/s using other video chat apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Invite your child’s friends and family to participate in a birthday singalong, dance party, or group chat.

Treasure hunt

Hide birthday gifts, nice notes/cards, and treats around your house and give your kid/s clues or a map to find them. This is a fun activity that can potentially keep them occupied for hours. Make sure to record where you have hidden all the items (especially if any of them are food); you don’t want to find those chocolates next Christmas. When my kids were younger, every Easter, after they had found all the eggs, they usually asked me to hide them again and we kept the game going most of the day.

Restaurant Treatment

Order or make their fave meals and surprise them with a restaurant treat right at home. Time to put your fancy dishes, glasses and cutlery to good use. Arrange a table, dress up, and let them order the day’s specials. Engage with them like a host/ess would at a high end restaurant. Remember to give them a break from the dishes on their special day.

Family Karaoke & Dance-Off

Organize karaoke night and a dance-off for their birthday and let them choose the songs. Surprise them with a ‘best singer’ of the night even if their singing was atrocious Lol!

Spa day

Plan a spa at home and treat them to manis, pedis and hairstyling. Gift them new clothes, shoes, and jewelry if you can afford to make their ‘spa’ treatment extra special. Then take a pic for Instagram. Use all the filters you want. It’s a special day…let them be vain if they want to.

Cake, Cake, Cake 

Is it really a birthday if there’s no cake involved? This year, use your culinary skills and involve the family in baking a cake/cakes for the birthday boy/girl. Decorate the cake to the best of your ability. It’s the thought that counts.


When was the last time you were willing to take the time to just sit down with your kid/s and play an entire game of Monopoly or other favorite? Your time would be the most appreciated gift of all. And to amp up the fun, why not try a game of Charades on Zoom with the extended family.

Happy birthday to your child(ren) from us at KenyaBuzz



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