How NAICCON and PSG Developed the E-Sports Tournament

Article by Oliver
Posted: May 24, 2019

Dennis Waita, the PSG team lead came up with the idea. Shortly after, he met NAICCON’s Thomas Imboywa and Brian Barasa when they sat down and developed a well-executed plan and a great friendship too! Along the journey, they were joined by Penny Njuma and the dream became reality.

So what is the idea you ask? Well, simply put, the idea is to be the home of gamers in Africa. This is done through promoting and exposing the gaming culture while creating an out of this world experience through eSports not only for gamers, but spectators as well.

PSG’s Firsts

NAICCON first incorporated a 4v4 Call of Duty gaming tournament in 2015. Two years later saw them hosting the first LAN Party. Gamers showcased their prowess by bring their computers or console where they got to play at impeccable speeds for over 24 hours. The winners of the competition walked away with a prize pool of Kshs. 100,000

NAICCON and PSG created an experience like no other with ‘Asylum’ which saw the introduction of a fully-fledged eSports tournament. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania were participating countries where Tanzanians bagged the one-million-shilling prize pool.

Jason Masters, a renowned illustrator who has worked on titles from both DC and Marvel Comics as well as the James Bond Comics & Common’s new comic book ‘Caster’ was at the event conducting a panel as well as signing artwork.

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