‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ Review: Silly but Harmless Escapism

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ Review: Silly but Harmless Escapism

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review
Dennis and an admirer in Hotel Transylvania 2

If your kids watched and loved this film’s original, Hotel Transylvania, you’re in for the longest 89 minutes of your life if you have to sit through it too. The good news is that they’ll enjoy Hotel Transylvania 2; the bad news is that a third film in the franchise is in the works. Yikes for you!

Vampire woman Mavis marries human Jonathan and they have a son they name Dennis in this sequel. But when he comes of age, half-human half-monster Dennis doesn’t show any signs of vampire abilities, which worries his grandfather Dracula.

Drac’s plan to bring out Dennis’ inner monster puts a strain in his relationship with Mavis, puts Dennis in danger and introduces his own father Vlad, a notorious human hating bat. The events of Hotel Transylvania 2 unfold in and around the hotel, now open to human guests and in California, where Jonathan grew up.

It features the returning voices of Adam Sandler (Dracula), Selena Gomez (Mavis) and Andy Samberg (Jonathan) in the lead and addition Mel Brooks who does a fantastic job of Vlad, the great grandva.

Adam Sandler is just as annoying as an animated character as he is a human one. I wonder if he is in real life too. Thankfully he has a wide range to work with as he transitions from father to grandfather in relatable ways and situations. Mavis is a strong independent vampire woman as she stands up to her obsessive and protective father as she raises her son how she deems fit. Jonathan is a free spirit who’s fun to watch.

Drac’s monster friends Frank, Wayne, Griffin and Murray have small roles but are the source of great scenes and some of the film’s most hilarious jokes albeit recurring. Their laid-back demeanour complements Drac’s melodrama. Each of them get a moment in the spotlight some for longer and in better performances than others but overall a vital contribution to the main plot. 

Hotel Transylvania 2’s premise is very weak to pull double-duty and be as entertaining to adults as it is to its target audience of kids who will most certainly be entertained. Its 3D effects will give them a great moviegoing experience. The monsters aren’t too horrible to really scare kids, the fights wouldn’t qualify as violent and there’s no strong language in the film.
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