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Posted: September 06, 2017  

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The days of large resort hotels selling cookie-cutter half/full-board packages are long gone. Younger travellers want authentic experiences that keep up with the times. We want our travels to not only be about the destination, but also about the social experience. We want to meet and mingle with new people. The travel industry has responded by joining forces with social media influencers and artists to revamp preconceived perceptions of destinations. This beautiful marriage led to the birth of Instagram Tours.

These are photographic tours where participants take and share their travel snaps – through social media – which show all that a city or area has to offer. The “Grammers” as they are called, come together for an extended period of time and capture the essence of a city; from the modern to the antique, the hidden gems to the major tourist attractions.

These aesthetically-inclined posses produce interactive content that focuses on what people want, and how people can enjoy a destination spot. The movement started last year with a Magical Kenya social media takeover to promote the great migration in the Mara. It proved to be a hit and the guy behind it, Muthuri Kinyamu, has since co-founded Turnup Travel, Kenya’s next generation travel agency that organizes bespoke trips, craft destination marketing campaigns and helps brands leverage travel and unique experiences to engage millennials.

Nairobi was featured as the first IG Tours destination in July. The 24-hour tour which trended on twitter under the hashtag #NairobaeIGTour showcased the best of what the city has to offer – dawn to dusk.

It’s obvious that Kenya is a beautiful country, but selling the tranquil beaches, the lush highlands, and the majestic Mara as destinations alone, without incorporating a social touch, makes these places feel a bit distant. IG Tours represent a shift in how young Kenyans are choosing to travel. The coastal city of Mombasa was next on the hit list with an epic, two-day Mombasa IG Tour and Nightlife Experience this past September 1st.

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