Hot: Halima AKA The Zouk Maestro

Hot: Halima AKA The Zouk Maestro

Halima AKA The Zouk Maestro

Meet Halima aka The Zouk Maestro, the beautiful, talented and outgoing 25-year-old Cameroonian songstress trying to make it in the Kenyan music scene. Having started out in 2012 as a musician, Halima worked on various collaborations with upcoming artists just like herself and promised to achieve the dream of becoming an all time Kenyan favourite star.

Her first single, All This was written due to relationship hurdles. According to the star, she felt the need to address the issue of relationships and their ups and downs and which road should be taken to succeed. In 2013, the Cameroonian songstress took part in the 2013 Samsung Zikistar competition and came in 3rd runners up. She admits it hurt her a little that she didn’t win but that did not really deter her. Her prize was a Samsung laptop, Samsung speakers and beats by Dre headsets she definitely knew she could and would achieve more.

Due to school and busy schedules, Halima took some time out of music singles and partly did collaborations. She then came back to life in 2016 with her latest zouk single, Hakuna Mwingine which she says has gotten a lot of airplay both on Kenyan radio and TV.

Her main aim is to fuse Zouk and RnB and give it a mix that has never been heard of before. Halima wants to take over the music scene with her looks as well as her voice.




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