Hosting an Event During a Pandemic

Article by Nicole Wanjala
Posted: May 06, 2020  

One of the most affected industries during this pandemic is the events industry. Many events have been cancelled and music venues shut to encourage social distancing and minimise the spread of the virus. Some festivals and music events have opted to have online events via streaming through social media but recently Denmark has tried a new approach, hosting drive-in events, to deliver events to their people.

Danish artist, Mads Langer was the first to hold such an event in Aarhus, Denmark. The event was announced 6 days prior but 500 tickets were reportedly sold within minutes the sale went live. The concert was transmitted to the cars via FM radio and the attendees could interact with Langer via the videoconferencing application Zoom.

The Cars maintained equal distances from each other and the Danish police were allegedly happy with the execution of the event being that the crowd behaved and the event was not too long. The city of Aarhus is planning to execute more drive-in events after the first successful one.

Denmark may have paved the way for holding events until the pandemic is over but it is unclear if such a concept could work in Kenya. Perhaps if alcohol consumption is monitored and the Police are on-site to make sure everyone adheres to the rules, it just might.

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