Have Horracio Pancheri and Paulina Goto Broken Up?

Have Horracio Pancheri and Paulina Goto Broken Up?

The stars of Road to destiny; Horacio Pancheri and Paulina Goto (Carlos and Luisa Fernanda) have reportedly broken up.

The couple started dating while staring on Road to Destiny back in 2016. There were reports of break up in 2017 when they didn’t post photos of each other on Instagram; something they do quite often but they were quick to deny the rumors. They attributed this to their time apart since they were working on different projects at the time.

The rumors have started again after they stopped posting photos of each other again. The last photos they shared of each other were from June this year. Paulina Goto celebrated her 27th birthday in July and Horacio Pancheri did not seem to be among the people she shared the special day with.

Although both of them have yet to confirm whether the break up rumor is true, it seems like their relationship is no more. What do you think?




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