‘Gypsy’ Series Review: The Real Life of a Psychologist

Article by The Editor
Posted: August 30, 2017  

You know how you’d assume that a psychologist’s life is perfect and that they would know how to perfectly deal with their issues, especially when it comes to relationships and family? Well Gypsy will give you a whole new perspective. Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts stars as Jean in this Netflix Original psychological thriller. The series kicks off on a high note and leaves the viewer intrigued and curious on what Jean’s vendettas are as she enters the same coffee shop on the daily.

Her life seems almost too perfect but there are aspects of it that she faces major challenges and evidently chooses to deal with them in a not-so usual way. I mean, if you compare the advice she gives to her clients and the path she chooses in dealing with her issues, well let’s say is very questionable.

The reality of being married for years to a busy spouse and trying to balance work life with family time is also shown to be both frustrating and probably depressing. There are a lot of things that a mother is forced to forego like hanging with friends and having some alone time. These are all portrayed as things Jean deals with. 

There are some erotic scenes and some cursing involved, therefore it’s not advisable to watch this show with kids. There’s a lot of mystery incorporated, trust issues present themselves and the curiosity instilled by the lead cast is promising. It’s definitely one to watch.

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