Guys Listen Up! You Need To Stop Breaking These Fashion Codes

Guys Listen Up! You Need To Stop Breaking These Fashion Codes

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You may have the looks but break these codes and I would rather be reading a math book than entertain you.

| Tight pants
tight pants

If your pants are tighter than your girl’s and people can see the shape of your butt…then it’s a problem! If you do this, for the sake of our eyes, please stop. It’s distasteful.

| Socks and sandals
 socks and sandals

*Sigh!* I don’t even know why I have to mention this. It's socks and sandals! Like how?

| Unflattering hairstyles
unflattering hairstyles
Thanks Mr. Footballer; because of you we now have a wave of men believing they can rock hairstyles meant for rich professional sportstars who don’t have to go to work and sit in their cubicle on Monday. Unless you’re out on a pitch with cameras following you and need some attention… do not attempt it!

| Excessive cologne

I appreciate a man that smells good, who doesn’t? But there’s a difference between smelling good and suffocating me! I like breathing just fine. Again, if you do this, please stop.

| Not doing up enough buttons/Plunging V-necks
Not doing up enough buttons/Excess V necks

I don’t know when having and showing cleavage extended to men. It’s disgusting! I don’t care if you have the chest of a comic book superhero. It’s gross.

| Colourful suits
Colourful suits

As far as I’m concerned we are not shooting Green Lantern in Kenya. So I am baffled as to why I see men in yucky green suits walking around the city. If it is orange, red, green, yellow… please leave it for clowns! Only few men can pull off some shades of such suits, if you’re not one of them, don’t attempt.

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