Gardening Tips for the Rainy Season

Gardening Tips for the Rainy Season


Everyone dreads the rainy season, the weather dampens your moods, forces you to change your plans and not to forget, causes unnecessary traffic. So imagine how frustrating it is to garden during the rainy season!

Well, here’s a list of gardening tips to help you take the most advantage of the rainy season, especially when the rain just won’t go away.

| Go with the flow
Plant your flowers when it’s rainy. This is when the soil is mostly moist and soft, creating a suitable environment for the plant to grow and nourish.

| A touch of mulch
Adding some mulch will allow you to take advantage of free rainwater as it helps retain the much needed moisture in the soil, as well as avoids soil erosion and reduces splashing.

| Allow for drainage
Good drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging. This can be mostly avoided by growing your plants in vertical systems or on a hanging basket. Both can also serve as great house décor ideas.

| Conserve water
There’s no need to water your plants again during the rainy seasons. Also, try not to get tempted to just water the leaves, as this would create a ‘splashing effect’ which could potentially create a breeding ground for fungal spores.

| Lastly, make the most of it
This is the season for plants that thrive in the rainy season. The greens will make your garden beautiful and thriving! It’s also a time to pick your green veggies that you fear might get spoilt in the rain, and keep them to ripen while indoors.

| And not to forget, the weeds!
They’re much easier to pull out from the damp soil.

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