Fugoo Sport XL: The Largest Waterproof Speaker

Fugoo Sport XL: The Largest Waterproof Speaker

fugoo sport xl

Rugged, portable and best of all waterproof, the Fugoo Sport XL is one of the speakers that you definitely should have. Fugoo prides themselves on making durable speakers, and their speakers usually have quality sound to match their build.

The Fugoo Sport XL also features 8 acoustic drives for a true 360 degrees audio, is dust proof and has a 35 hour battery life. It also comes with a USB port to quick charge your phone or tablet. The fact that it’s waterproof makes it float in water, making it an ideal active speaker around the pool, lake or ocean. It also has 6 control buttons that glow in the dark, such that even on a night camping, you're still in control.

Going for a whooping Kshs 30,000, the Fugoo Sport XL comes in only 1 colour, which is a mash-up of black and grey. And even though it’s a little pricy than most speakers, I think that the Fugoo Sport is completely worth it.

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