Free Kiswahili E-books for Kids

Article by The Editor
Posted: July 26, 2022  

Encourage your kids to get lost in the magical world of literature by young Kiswahili authors from around East Africa. Foster a reading culture in your home and help your kids polish their Kiswahili with these FREE digital books by Sisi Afrika’s in our own words.


Pendo is a young girl struggling with colourism and this damages her self-esteem. Participating in a competition does her some good. READ MORE

Ahadi ni Deni (A promise is a debt)

Important lessons on love, friendships and promises. READ MORE

Unyoya wa Thamani (Magical Feather)

Rama is a young boy who wants to do something special for his poor grandma. A magical feather changes his life. READ MORE


*Image: Pendo In our own words

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