FREE 1-hour Parenting Education Session!

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: November 05, 2019  

Between work and family, the worries of one leak into the other. The danger of carrying work stress home has been an issue for a long time. Less widely recognized is the parenting stress that’s carried to work and eventually robs employees of their concentration and productivity.

Parenting education can reduce stress and absenteeism. The education makes parents feel like they have a grip on life and that their stress is reduced.

In addition, the communication skills learned in the class work well with colleagues thereby improving productivity.

The most vital educational components are the practical tools parents take home.

Peak Performance International  are offering a FREE  session dubbed “HOW TO RAISE THE 21st CENTURY CHILD”. It teaches among other things:

  1. Brain killers that adversely affect your child`s academic performance and behavior.
  2. Simple, practical and fun techniques you can teach your child to improve his/her academic performance.

How to help your child increase their self-confidence and develop a positive attitude.

Peak Performance have for over the past 20 years been helping people tap into their potential. With children, individuals and organizations.  They have worked with over 300,000 students and over 500,000 adults.

Is this something you’d be interested in?

Talk to Alice on 0712198533 / 0780198533 for more information. Few slots left.


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