Former ‘Better Days’ Star Charles Ouda Cast in Broadway Play

Former ‘Better Days’ Star Charles Ouda Cast in Broadway Play

Seasoned actor Charles Ouda has been cast in a Broadway musical titled Time it is: To Music. The play is based on the award-winning off-off-Broadway play by Lissa Moira, Time it is.

The musical follows Azilia, a talented but struggling underground artist living in New York’s East Village in 1982. A stroke of luck sees her sell one of her paintings to a renown celebrity called Robert Redford. The sale thrusts her into the spotlight where she is forced to reckon with her past and her new found fame.

Charles Ouda plays Alex, a charismatic and exceptionally talented visual and performing artist who is also Azilia’s loyal friend.

Charles Ouda began professional acting in 2003. His debut performance was in the musical, “Lwanda: Man of Stone” written by Eric Wainaina . He has 6 TV dramas under his belt (Mali, Changing Times, Noose of Gold, Makutano Junction, Better Days and Higher Learning), two feature films, The First Grader and Sienna’s Choice, a feature documentary, Sidney Friends set in rural Kenya, and 12 on stage plays.

In 2014, he moved to New York city after his admission to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.







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