Forever My Love: Bianca and Gabriel Meet Again!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 19, 2022  

Gabriel and Bianca were finally able to meet each other again. The two grew up together in Zambales but were separated when Bianca’s family had to move to Manila.  They however were able to meet and recognize each other after being apart for 10 years.

Bianca and her family travelled to Zambales to participate in a triathlon. Bianca hoped to continue her mother’s legacy as an athlete by becoming one herself. She got the opportunity to race after meeting Carlos, who was looking for a new face to endorse his brand, Tiger Shark. He thought Bianca would be the perfect person for it and invested all his resources to mold her image.

Gabriel was one of the locals hired to create the course for the triathlon event. He had given Bianca an umbrella when they were younger and she brought it with her. Unfortunately, she lost it during the race and Gabriel found it. It was the umbrella that helped reconnect them since they met as Bianca was looking for the umbrella.

Gabriel and Bianca seem interested in each other but Carlos is in the picture as well. He has helped Bianca with her finances even against his father’s will, hence harbors romantic feels for her as well. Who will Bianca choose between Carlos and Gabriel?

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