Five Games That Will Make Your Kids Smarter

Article by Nicole Wanjala
Posted: June 16, 2020  

Keep your kids entertained with good old-fashioned board games while making them smarter at the same time! According to experts, games improve social and behavioural skills by teaching children how to interact with peers and competitors. Here are five games that will sharpen fundamental skills in your kids and make them smarter.


While Chess is always seen as a game for smart people, a study conducted on 4,000 Venezuelan students showed significant rises in the IQ scores of the boys and girls who underwent 4 months of chess instruction. Another German study done to evaluate the benefit of chess in math lessons for children with lower IQ showed an improvement in children who received 1 hour of chess weekly to supplement 4 hours of math class.


Scrabble helps kids learn new words and spellings and is especially helpful for children who struggle with the spelling of words. When you play scrabble with your kids it will expand their vocabulary as they will be inquisitive about new words you spell on the board. Furthermore, it improves their mathematical skills since each tile of the game carries points and calculations are needed to keep score.


Monopoly has been around for decades and is a good way to practice the financial skills of adults and kids. Children learn plenty of lessons from monopoly which can be carried on and practised to adulthood. Some of these lessons include; how borrowing money from family and friends impacts relationships, putting all your eggs in one basket can easily cause a financial disaster and negotiating is a vital skill for managing money.

Snakes and Ladders

This is a number-line game that contains ladders on certain boxes that elevate players to higher levels and snakes that swallow players and demote them to lower levels. The first player to reach number 100 wins the game. This game comes in several variations and helps kids to practise their mathematics skills and sharpen them. A study conducted in 2011, showed that children who played number-line board games developed superior math skills to children who did not.


This is a popular family game that is guaranteed to give everyone a brain work-out. Charades is basically played by trying to guess what a person is portraying just through their gestures. A study conducted proved that the game enables the players to use areas of the brain that are vital for simulation and mentalization. Additionally, role-playing and communicating with gestures trains the players to make sense of new information efficiently. You don’t need a formal version of this game to play- you can just write the challenges on pieces of paper and choose them out of a dish.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood


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