Five Environmentally-friendly Organizations to Support in Kenya

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: June 08, 2020  

Environmental Day was June 5th and we are celebrating this year by sharing 5 organizations that are committed to making sustainable products that help conserve the environment for coming generations.

Cinnabar Green

This a natural cosmetics company based in Laikipia that deals in locally-produced, environmentally responsible body products. They started with body care products but have since expanded to include other products such as face care, skincare, hair care and a toilette bag. Furthermore, the organization supports re-afforestation on a farm neighbouring their premises that was cleared for the purpose of planting wheat. Visit their website to purchase their products or encourage their initiatives.


M-Kopa is a solar energy company launched in 2012. It has a pay-as-you-go platform that allows users in remote East Africa to enjoy electricity from solar while gradually paying for the service. The company has enabled people in low-income areas to replace kerosene, candles and batteries with electricity, therefore, saving them money. M-kopa uses mobile technology in its products which it uses to remotely control the system. If the user cannot afford to pay for a certain period of time, the system is disabled until they can.

Wildebeest Eco-camp

This is an environmentally friendly organization offering accommodation and meals to travellers. The premises are filled with a variety of trees and plants and various bird species. Accommodation is mainly provided by suspended tents, although there are also some cottages on-site. The electricity is provided by solar energy and biogas is the primary source of energy used in cooking. Additionally, the hygiene products found in the bathrooms are from Cinnabar Green, an eco-friendly company.

Terra Safi

This organization strives for a clean Earth. It offers environmentally-friendly products and materials that can be easily decomposed. The products consist of a variety of re-usable bottles made from food graded stainless steels, compostable disposable cups, and condiment tubs made from renewable materials that can be composted together with organic food waste.


This company stands to eliminate the use of plastics in our daily lives. They sell products ranging from biodegradable mulch film, to BioBag toilets (toilets developed to meet the requirements of the military forces), to biodegradable eco pots (seedling pots made from Ellepot paper) to garbage bags that are organically certified and will compost rapidly.

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