First Look at “The Lady from Vendaval” Coming Soon on Citizen TV

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 27, 2020  

The Lady from Vendaval (La mujer del Vendaval) is the new offering coming soon on Citizen TV. The show is a Televisa production from 2012 starring Ariadne Diaz and Jose Ron.

The telenovela revolves about Marcela Morales (Ariadne Diaz). She owns a ranch that she loves and hopes to save it from a financial crisis. She can only get her inheritance after getting married, as stipulated in her mother’s will. After falling out with her fiancé, she has no other prospects to fulfil this condition. She therefore puts an advert on the paper, looking to hire a husband.

Marcela meets a masked Alessandro (Jose Ron) at a party and they instantly fall for each other. Alessandro brings Marcela to his house but a valuable family necklace goes missing. He ends up suspecting Marcela of the robbery. In order to get the necklace back, Alessandro applies to be Marcela’s husband. With a rough start to their marriage, they will have to overcome many misunderstandings and deception to find true love. Other cast members include Michelle Renaud, Chantal Andres, Jaume Mateu among others.

You can look forward to The Lady from Vendaval soon!


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