First Look at New Novela ‘Tomorrow Is a New Day’

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 24, 2019  

‘Tomorrow is a new day’ is the new Telenovela set to replace My Sweet Curse on Citizen TV. The novella is a Televisa production from 2018 starring Diego Olivera, Angelica Vale and Alejandra Barros.

The story revolves around Monica Rojas, a dedicated secretary who works for Camilo Sarmiento. Monica has to be responsible for taking care of her boss’ interests. This includes Camilo’s personal life, his wife Diana and their children.

Monica falls inlove with Camilo even while knowing that there is no hope for her love to prosper. This is until Diana is diagnosed with a terminal illness and  asks Monica to fall in love with her husband. How will Monica handle this situation?

You can follow ‘Tomorrow is a new Day’ from the 27th of January on Citizen TV at 8:00pm.


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