‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review

‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review

‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review

Nemo is the real reason I don’t own an aquarium; the thought of a poor little fish sentenced to life imprisonment behind a glass cube just gives me chills.

Thought little Nemo was cute? Wait till you see baby Dory (voiced by DeGeneres). She proves to be the most adorable blue tang fish in the world! She is full of life and very high spirited and for a moment I forgot she has a short-term memory loss because it seems nothing (on earth or in the sea) can stop her once she has set her mind to something.

Sea themed movies are best in 3D and Finding Dory does not disappoint in quality. I got a chance to take a dip into the sea without necessarily getting wet. It has aesthetically animated coral reefs, sea animals and beautiful marine life. The deep ocean varies in colour but it’s all so beautifully blended and appears believable; it had me holding on to my 3D glasses as if they were a diving mask.

Although this sequel comes 13 years later, the events in it happen only a year after those of Finding Nemo. And yes, the now free clown fish does feature and it’s time for an all new adventure for him, his father Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and his friend/protagonist, Dory.

Science actually tells us that clown fish have a symbiotic relationship with anemones so that they never venture far from their home. But we all know that Nemo (voiced by Hayden Rolence) is not your usual clown fish, because somehow he is able to join on a world travel adventure away from his safe zone.

As they take on the journey to find Dory’s parents, the three fish interact with other fish in the ocean, sea lions on land and of course humans.

Becky (a loon bird) is introduced in the movie as a character and I just loved her. She is voiceless and awkward but very involved and effective in achieving the whole mission of the crew. (She is definitely not Becky with the good hair)

The overall theme of this movie put me in a familial mood and also reminded me to appreciate my friends. It’s definitely one you should watch with those close to you.

So… Have you seen Dory yet?

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