Shreya Karia Feted by World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC)

Article by The Editor
Posted: December 18, 2020  

Shreya Karia,  Founder of SHK Consulting has been awarded as one of ‘Africa’s Women Leaders for 2020’ by the World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC).

The WWLC identifies and celebrates outstanding achievements by women through their initiatives and innovations across all industry sectors in leadership roles. Through the Awards, the Congress aims to support the empowerment of women and accelerate their progress to leadership positions in the business world. By recognizing the high-level achievements of women as leaders, executives, and decision-makers, younger women can be encouraged to challenge the status quo and break the glass ceiling further.

Shreya Karia noted “ I am honoured to have been recognized in the company of exceptional female leaders who are leading the frontier. It comes at a time when 2020 has been a year of crisis and has forced us to define what good leadership requires to navigate this uncertainty meaningfully. For my part, I hope that I can continue to inspire and support the aspirations of younger women to take up senior roles and further drive a positive agenda for growth in the next generation”.

Congratulations to Shreya!

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