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Posted: September 04, 2019

Babies are giving adults a run for their money in all things fashion this year. The Millennial
generation is proving to be a profitable friend for kids’ clothing brands. They are style-
conscious, and they (arguably) have the time, money and digital inspiration to create entire
aesthetics for their kids. The global children’s market racked up sales of 135.6 billion Euros in
2015 alone. Celebrities like the Kardashian and Jenner family alone have birthed rising
influencers—Chicago, Stormi and True, who are constantly dressed to kill. Britain’s darling
Prince George is also an icon on his own.

Meanwhile, 6-year-old @coco_pinkprincess from Tokyo has a whopping 547,000 Instagram
followers and is usually seen wearing Fendi sandals, Balenciaga trousers, Supreme caps, Fendi
sandals, while @Princeandthebaker rules New York City with the help of his stylist mom.
Seeking a little inspiration for your own little human? From fashion runway-ready looks to every
day outfits; here are some awesome 2019 trends you can try:

The Casual Smart Kid
Carefree happiness takes center stage with this neat, comfortable style. Denim is a versatile
material that will most certainly never go out of style -not even for adults. Throw in some cute
embellishments, custom jackets and combined bright colored collars and hems and you have
yourself a trend-setting kid! For a timeless look, go for simple comfortable jeans paired with a
Chinese collar shirt or just any other shirt or sweater and sneakers. This look suits little boys
and girls perfectly without interrupting playtime. Denim isn’t just restricted to jackets and
jeans, but also charming denim shoes, comfortable dresses and even denim earrings.

The Sporty Kid
2019 has seen a rise in sports-inspired trends in kids’ apparel and accessories. Think along the
lines of dinosaur and automobile prints for girls and delicate colors and prints for boys, science
and math motif designs for girls and embroidery and crochet for both boys and girls. For the
sporty girl, try a sassy skater skirt paired with a polo shirt or a simple top and some cool canvas
shoes. A pair of dungarees with a cute top would also work. Let the little lad completely stand
out in a polo shirt paired with some khaki trousers and a pair of converse shoes or Vans

The Gender-Neutral Kid
This year, we are not limiting the kids to basic stereotypes. Conscientious parents and designers
have been gradually shifting towards gender-neutral fashion for children, ditching both the
typical ‘pink and delicate for girls, and blue and brainy for boys’ approach. The demand for
fashion not focused on gender has become so high that when Asos released its first unisex
collection last year, it became the fourth most popular offering out of over 800 within one

week. Kids are latching on, particular with streetwear inspired looks featuring sweatshirts,
tees, and simple casual staples we grew up wearing regardless of gender.

Metallic Tones
In the adult world of fashion, gold and silver-toned clothes and shoes are the rage these days,
and hot on their heels, pretty colors with a metallic sheen are trending in children’s fashion. We
are seeing sparkly sandals, shiny biker jackets in happy tones like pink and mauve, gold buckles
on dresses and pants, and even silver or rose-gold bags and backpacks.

The African Princess/Prince
Conventionally defined as tribal and folk style by mainstream international brands, designers
are drawing inspiration from African, indigenous and folk traditions to create adorable looks for
kids. Using their own interpretations for a modern twist, they are incorporating geometric
patterns, beads, complex thread work, feathers, tribal-influenced floral embroidery and even
pom poms for their kids’ apparel. Throw on a royal headwrap and you’ve got yourself a roomful
of people going “aaaaw!”
These outfits will make your baby stand out at daycare, casual occasions, when visiting family
or even at the playground. It’s the new age of style and the tots are here for it.


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