‘Fall Into Temptation’ TV Recap: Damian Wakes Up

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 15, 2018  

Damian has been in a coma after his accident with Carolina in the beginning of the show but he has now woken up!

It has been hard for Raquel and her children having to wait for him to recover especially since Damian’s mother; Miriam has made life difficult for them ever since Damian slipped into a coma. Miriam has taken away financial support for Raquel and her children and has gone as far as refusing to pay for Damian’s hospital bills. She wanted the hospital to withdraw life support for Damian since it did not seem as if Damian would ever wake up but Raquel being his wife had more control over that decision and refused to agree to it.

To force Raquel’s hand, Miriam refused to pay Damian’s medical bill and the doctor told Raquel that they would have to move him to a government hospital. Luckily for them, Damian woke up before that decision had to be made.

The newest development on Carolina’s murder case revealed that Damian’s fingerprints were the ones found on the gun that was used to kill Carolina. Damian will now have to deal with this among other complications like Raquel’s and Santiago’s relationship now that he has woken up.

What do you think will happen now that Damian is awake?


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