Fab or Drab: Century IMAX Garden City

Fab or Drab: Century IMAX Garden City

Fab or Drab: Century IMAX Garden City
Image Credit: Teri Wanderi

There is 2017 technology used in the IMAX theatre so the screen quality and the surround sound are amazing.
There’s a VIP screen- for a little more money you can view your movie in a gorgeously designed, less crowded theatre, with super-comfy reclining seats. You can even order food in the food court and have it delivered to your seat!!!
The theatres are not completely dark, internal lighting is very effectively used to enhance the movies.
It’s possible to buy your movie tickets online making it very convenient.
Parking is a breeze- Garden City has over 1200 parking slots located around the mall and parking is free of charge Monday-Thursday. From Friday-Sunday, parking is free for the first hour and 50 Kshs every hour after that.

The IMAX screen, though has amazing surround sound, is smaller than the one downtown.
Sometimes the queue to buy tickets is long and chaotic.
When the theatre is busy, the free seating can find you separated from your date.
The VIP screen is 2D not 3D.
You must buy (can’t rent) the 3D glasses. Though then of course, you can re-use them on your next visit.

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