Fab or Drab: Carrefour Two Rivers

Fab or Drab: Carrefour Two Rivers

• Huge, tons of space, wide aisles, professional layout.
• Professional, helpful staff.
• Great display of frozen food- easy to find what you want.
• Everything available in one space- electronics, home wares, clothes, food, including butcher, bakery, deli, fish monger.
• Generally good prices and some great deals.
• Some Carrefour branded stuff that’s new to the market (we tried the chocolate mousse and it was gooooooodddd!)
• Love the funky ceiling.
• Pastries galore. Pastry lovers will love the offerings at Carrefour. 
• Parking validation – the store pays 1 hour off your parking fee. 
• Differentiated products – you get a very wide offering of different products all under one roof. 
• Great offerings for people with diabetes and high cholesterol. 

• Time-consuming process with askari to try on clothes.
• Long walk from parking to the store.
• So huge that my kids (teens) were exhausted and grumpy by the time we finished shopping.
• Not much available that we don’t see in all the other stores in Nairobi. Was hoping for some amazing French cheeses at reasonable prices.
• Lame produce section.
• Careful, you might spend more than you planned!

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