Everything You Need To Know About The 7 Day Film Festival

Article by Mari
Posted: July 09, 2019

The Two Seventy Media 7 Day Film Festival , designed to give Kenyan filmmakers a platform to showcase their talents, is about to draw to a close. It is a timed film competition with “a broad vision of unveiling unique entertaining Kenyan films made in Kenya.

The unique challenge is that the stories that have to be submitted within a set time- in this case seven days. Filmmakers are given a surprise brief and waived filming locations within Nakuru.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Better Days’. The festival, which runs from 30th May to 12th July is now at the public voting and screening stage. Each of the nominated films is on the 7 Day Film Youtube page. Fans are encouraged to give likes to their favourite video, as the one with the highest number of likes wins the Sh500,000 prize.

There are currently 32 short films entered on the Youtube page. Other categories participating in the Festival are Music and Documentary.

The 7 Day Film Festival jury is spearheaded by the likes of Supa Modo’s Mugambi Nthiga, Kati Kati’s Mbithi Masya, Jennifer Gatero (Better Days) and Mike McClafin (Molly Movie OST).


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