Equipping Children with Social Skills: How to Host a Playdate in Kenya

Article by Mums Village
Posted: July 09, 2019  

Playdates offer a great opportunity for kids to have some fun and learn some social skills and  the parents to interact with each other as well. Whether you are a stay at home mum, working mum or a pre-school coordinator, there are some things you ought to do or not do when hosting a playdate.

1. Send Playdate Cards To The Parents

Very often, your child will talk about a new friend they have made for hours on end and all the activities they do together. You may want to meet the friend or help your child create lasting friendships with the new friend. How about you send their parents a playdate card invite? Make it simple and leave your contact information on the card.

2. Take Stock Of All The Toys

Have all they toys around and make sure all the parts are counted for and the dirty ones are clean. Other parents will be bringing their children over and your child’s toys are a representation of you.  Clean everything including baby dolls, cars, trains, blocks and lego. Wipe them with a warm cloth and spot clean dolls with a wet clothe and mild detergent.


3. Let The Children Solve Their Own Tussels

The idea of a playdate is to bring children together to socially interact with other kids their age. Meddling goes against that by pitting the against each other. Instead, let them learn to negotiate with other people. Some of the issues that may arise are differences over which game to play or which game to start with.

4. Go Over Playdate Rules

Rules may also be inclusive of what is acceptable or not acceptable in your house. These may include being nice to visitors, basic courtesy and etiquette  skills like saying thanks, please, welcome and goodbye.


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