Empire of Lies: Leonardo Meets Elisa’s Family

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: April 29, 2021  

The search for Augusto and Julia’s killers continues on Empire of Lies, as Leonardo and Elisa build an alliance to uncover the mystery. Right after Augusto’s death, Elisa found herself in a dire situation after an unidentified gang kidnapped her younger sister. She was later asked to return something that her father owed the gangsters in exchange for her sister.

After following all the instructions given by the gangsters, Elisa was still unable to get her sister back. She therefore sought the help of Leonardo, Julia’s fiancé who is a police officer and is keen on finding out what Elisa is up to. The two agreed to pretend to be a couple so that the kidnappers would not find out that Elisa had talked to the police. To make the ruse believable, Elisa had to introduce Leonardo to her family as her new boyfriend.

Leonardo met Elisa’s family disguised as a businessman from Manhattan. The family, especially Elisa’s mother and uncle were very inquisitive about how the two of them met. Elisa and Leonardo had prepared their story beforehand and seemed like they were able to convince everyone of their relationship. Will their lie be found out?

You can follow Empire of Lies on Citizen TV, weekdays at 8:00 pm for more.

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