Earth Day: Eco Friendly Companies and Products in Kenya to Check Out

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: April 22, 2022  

Every year on April 22,  Earth Day is observed across the globe to raise awareness about climate change and global warming. Earth day  inspires us to act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation.

Beyond April 22nd, you can still participate actively in conserving our environment and reducing waste by being mindful about what you consume and how you consume it. Here are eco friendly companies and products in Kenya to check out:

Taka Taka Solutions

TakaTaka is a social enterprise for a green Nairobi through waste collection, recycling and composting. They compost organic waste into high quality organic fertilizer they’ve trademarked as Takasoil™.  At their collection facility, each of their sorters sorts more than 500kgs of waste per day! Need help with composting or want some organic fertilizer? Give them a call on +254 708 276 201. READ MORE

Green Pencils

Green Pencils recycles newspaper, preventing more trees being cut in order to produce wood pencils. They now manufacture paper-based pens, reducing the plastic component by over 90%.  READ MORE

Mazingira Safi Innovations 

Mazingira Safi Innovations is a social enterprise that recycles waste plastics into durable and eco-friendly paving blocks. They also manufacture school chairs and desks from recycled plastic waste. This allows every school in Kenya access to purchase low cost eco-friendly school furniture, reduces deforestation, and provides employment to marginalized youth and women.  READ MORE.

Greenthing Kenya

This start-up by a work-from-home mum offers great domestic green solutions. Cling film alternatives, reusable straws, cleaning solutions and so much more.  READ MORE.


Reducing food miles helps alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, reduces air pollution and cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions. Leveraging off M-Pesa technology, M-Farm connects farmers straight to the nearest  consumers  in an online marketplace and uses price trends to help farmers plant and sell. Consumers can jump on, connect with the seller and purchase whilst farmers can plan ahead and sell more food at a grassroots level benefiting the people in their communities.  READ MORE

Eco Friendly Lodges 

If you’re looking into sustainable travel, try an eco-friendly lodge. El Karama Lodge is situated in the heart of Laikipia.  The lodge was established on the basis of ecological ideals, with one of its key aims being to preserve the local habitat, while engaging its visitors to do the same. El Karama has won Ecotourism Kenya’s Eco Warrior award for its efforts to deliver on its eco-credentials.

El Karama is almost entirely self-sufficient, with a huge, well-stocked shamba (farm garden) of produce enabling the lodge to produce 90 per cent of its food on site. There’s a storage facility too, which is capable of holding up to 100,000 litres of rain and waste water, ensuring efficient grey water management.  READ MORE 

*This article has been updated for 2022

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