Ear Piercing For Kids in Nairobi

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 01, 2020  

Getting your child’s ears pierced is a touchy subject. Some parents pierce their kids’ ears at a very early age and others argue that kids should be allowed autonomy over their own bodies. Choosing for themselves if and when to have their ears pierced. In most cases, It’s parents who ultimately dictate when this seminal moment happens.

There are risks associated with ear piercing so the decision should be taken with some caution. Infection is the most common risk. Allergies are also sometimes an issue, and in rare cases, piercings can even tear the sensitive earlobes of children. Yikes! 

But if done by a seasoned professional in a sanitized environment using disposable earring gun cartridges, the process can take two minutes and cause only slight discomfort. Most kids are just startled. 

Ear Piercing Safety and Care

After your child’s ears are pierced, here’s how to avoid infections:  

  • Leave earrings in for at least 6 weeks after the piercing. This is the standard length of time a piercing takes to heal and if earrings are removed before this point, then the hole may close.
  • Stick to post or stud earrings for the first several months after piercing. Very small children should wear studs until they get older. 
  • Don’t touch a piercing unless you are cleaning it.
  • Wash hands before touching a piercing to clean it.
  • Regularly clean ear piercings two to three times a day. Use alcohol on a cotton swab and clean the front and back of the piercing. Make sure to get to the actual piercing under the earring.
  • Ensure the back of the earring is on and secure (but not on too tight).
  • Rotate the post of the earring gently during each cleaning.
  • Take care not to pull on earrings when washing or brushing hair to prevent tears.
  • Try to keep your child out of hot tubs, pools, and natural bodies of water during healing if possible. A lot of people swim with newly pierced ears and are fine, but exposure to the water may increase the chance of infection. If children do go swimming, make sure to clean the piercings afterward.
  • Keep an eye out for symptoms of infection like itchiness, redness, pain or sensitivity, and discharge. Take your child to see the doctor if those symptoms appear.

Where to get it done around Nairobi

Goodlife Pharmacies

They offer free ear piercing for kids with every purchase of earrings at their stores in the city. Prices range according to the type of earrings selected.

M.P. Shah Hospital

For Ksh 1500, you can have a pediatrician at M.P. Shah hospital pierce your child’s ears .

Delton Pharmacy

Located at Watedi Plaza in Buru Buru, They offer ear piercing for kids as young as 2 weeks. They use caflon earrings and charge Ksh 300

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