Don’t Say It! Oops, Look at These 9 Laughable Memes

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: November 27, 2018

Science is a scam isn’t it? We’ve been made to believe that our bodies work in coordination with different parts but the memes on Twitter are proving that wrong. The ‘don’t say, don’t say it’ memes have been trending for a while now and here’s the lowdown.

When you’re in an awkward situation, your brain works out ways to fill the weirdness and silence. You come up with several ways you might speak or answer but argue it out and decide not to. Alas! 3 seconds later your mouth has already betrayed your thoughts by blurting out exactly what you hadn’t intended to say. Hey, dumbo!

Before I wrote this piece, I was in my thoughts like, “Don’t write it, don’t write it, these memes are overheard” but guess what, here we are. Just like Madison Kircher from New York Magazine said, “Don’t meme it. Don’t meme it…it just makes you like everyone else”. However, we just can’t help it.

Here are the best ‘Don’t Say It’ tweets from Kenyans and other tweeps.

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