Ditch the High in 2018

Ditch the High in 2018


Have you resolved that you poured your last drink or stubbed out your last cigarette on December 31st, 2017? Overcoming an addiction is a tall order, especially quitting smoking which a recent survey showed to be the most difficult resolution to keep. But it’s hardly an impossible task if you take the right steps. Here are some tips to help you to kick that bad habit.


Share your resolution and build a support base: Be open and clear with your family, friends and colleagues about your intention to quit. Request them to be your cheerleaders in your efforts and to support you during the inevitable moments of temptation. A strong network of supporters will make you feel like you’re not bearing the heavy burden of quitting all by yourself.

Get rid of temptations: If booze is your weakness, then it definitely doesn’t help if you have bottles lying around the house, taunting you – day in and day out. Take back control! Dispose of all booze in your house before you try to quit – pour them down the kitchen sink, throw them into the dumpster or give them away if you can’t bear to waste them.  This may sound overboard but it will help you during your moments of weakness and shows commitment.

Attend interactive seminars on addiction: I attended one of these at the Tav Irish under an invitation from the Bartenders Club of Kenya, in partnership with NACADA – and it was a revelation. Interactive seminars provide a safe, free and judgement-free space where substance abusers can openly discuss their struggles with addiction and intentions to quit. Look for similar seminars around you or visit www.nacada.go.ke and check out their resources.

Swap that passion mojito with a virgin mojito: As you try to quit your bad habit, the withdrawal effects experienced could very well negate your efforts. In order to avoid going back to your old ways, you can try close substitutes. For instance, swap a cocktail for a mocktail or a cigarette for an electronic cigarette (otherwise known as a vape).


Positive affirmations for the win: Having admitted your dependency is a positive thing. Chanting positive affirmations like “Everything will be alright”, “I have the power to create change”, “I am confident and worthy” goes a long way in keeping you focused on your journey. Look for and listen to recommended YouTube channels and podcasts that will guide you with encouraging words through your day, most especially during moments of overwhelming urge to indulge.


Remember that anyone and everyone can have a clean start. Just take it one day at a time. And if you slip up, get back on your feet the next day and try again. This year you will succeed!




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