Daughters of the Moon: Will Juana Victoria’s Friendship with Estefania Last?

Article by Flora
Posted: August 15, 2019

Juana Victoria’s relationship with Sebastian, her half-brother was difficult from the beginning. The two had feelings for each other but could not act on them because they were siblings. They eventually found a way around the complicated situation by undergoing a DNA test, which proved they were not siblings after all.  Even with this good news, they were still unable to be together because Sebastian was engaged to Estefania.

Estefania however called off the wedding days before because she sensed that Sebastian no longer had feelings for her. She tried to get over him by going away but she eventually came back because she could not live her life without him.

It is still clear that they cannot get back together because Sebastian no longer loves Estefania and she is having a hard time getting over him. She is seeking solace from her dear friend Juana Victoria, without knowing that she is the reason Sebastian no longer loves her. Juana Victoria is doing her best to be a good friend and comfort Estefania but how will their friendship turn out after Estefania finds out about her relationship with Sebastian? Do you think their friendship will continue?

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