Daughters of the Moon: Meet the Juanas

Article by Flora
Posted: July 11, 2019

Daughters of the moon is the newest Teleserye on Citizen TV. It is a story about the four illegitimate daughters of Juan Oropeza. The daughters share a birthmark of a crescent moon, the same as that of their father. Get to learn more about the four Juanas below:

Juana Victoria

Michelle Renaud plays the character of Juana Victoria. She is the oldest of the girls and was the first to seek out her father after her mother told her about him on her dying bed. She is a fun and feisty young woman who dreams of finishing her studies. She however falls in a predicament after falling in love with her half-brother.

Juana Soledad

Jade Fraser plays the character of Juana Soledad. Juana Soledad has lived a lonely life after losing her mother and brother. She is happy to have a family again after meeting her sisters and works as a nurse.

Juana Ines

Geraldine Galvan plays the character of Juana Ines. She was abandoned as a child and raised at an orphanage with the prospect of becoming a nun but she leaves after reuniting with her sisters. She is naïve after living in a convent all her life and is trying to learn about the world anew. She however finds it difficult after developing feelings for her half-brother as well.

Juana Barbara

Lore Graniewicz plays the character of Juana Barbara. She grew up in an abusive environment and therefore became a boxer to learn how to defend herself. She is rough and always ready to take on anyone that challenges her.

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