Daughters of the Moon Finale: A Happy Ending for Sebastian and Juana Victoria

Article by Flora
Posted: November 07, 2019

Daughters of the Moon ended its run on Citizen TV with a happy ending for the protagonists Juana Victoria and Sebastian.

The death of Juana Victoria turned out to be a hoax by Dario who instead had given Juan Victoria a death inducing substance that suppressed her vitals. The Oropeza family buried Juana Victoria in agony only for her to wake up in a coffin. Dario later dug out Juana Victoria and intended to kill her for real the second time by locking her up in a freezer. He then sent a live feed to Sebastian so that he could watch as Juana Victoria slowly froze to death.

Dario did not anticipate that his own daughter Estefania would help Sebastian find Juana Victoria. Sebastian found her locked in a boat in the middle of the ocean and was able to save her just before she succumbed to hypothermia. He locked Dario in the freezer instead and he ended up dying from his own trap.

It was a happy ending for all as Sebastian and Juana Victoria finally sealed their love with a lovely wedding, their entire family present to bless their union.

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