Danilo Carrera and Angelique Boyer for “El Amor Invincible”

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 15, 2022  

Danilo Carrera and Angelique Boyer will partner for the first time in Televisa’s newest production, El Amor Invincible. The drama is based on the Portuguese origin story, Mar Salado and will be produced by Juan Osorio.

El Amor Invincible follows the story of Marina, a young woman from Puerto Palma. She rejects Adrian and instead falls in love with Gael Torrenegro, a man that she gives everything to. Gael gets her pregnant with twins but refuses to recognize them as his children. He tries to kill her by burning down the hospital where she gives birth but Adrian rescues her. Marina will later return as Leona Bravi and try to infiltrate the world of the Torrenegros in order to find justice and avenge the death of her loved ones.

Leona is the most motherly character that I have to interpret. We are not used to seeing a protagonist like her because she is usually always a victim. Here, she is anything but a victim and that makes me admire her a lot…”, said Angelique Boyer about her new character.

The telenovela will also feature performances from Daniel Elbittar, Leticia Calderon, Marlene Favela, Victor Gonzalez and Juan Soler. The show is set to premier in February 2023.

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