Dance Like a Goddess!

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: December 05, 2019

African Goddesses Dance series is a thematic dance series in which Wangui wa Kamonji choreographs dances to memorialize female deities.

Wangui descrbes it as a “Calling to discover our own divine feminine.”

Ms Kamonji, who has been teaching dance since 2015, has been dancing all her life and participated in music and theatre competitions in high school before travelling around the world to learn and teach.

The Afrikan Goddesses Dance Series is back in a new location! This Saturday, It’ll be at the Arboretum along state house road.

African traditions from West to East and the African diaspora revere female deities who embody unique traits. These Oriṣhas, Lwas, Wintis or deities as they are variously known, represent various aspects and possibilities of feminine being, and of nature (wind, river water, ocean, earth, etc.)

In this 15 week series, they’ll explore the energies and movements of 7 African goddesses – Nana, Mambo Ayizan, Ayida Wedo, Ezili Freda, Ọ̀ṣun, Yemọja and Ọya. 

Through dance, storytelling, song, reflective practices and improvisation we will come to know and more fully embody and inhabit our own divine feminine* thus expanding how we come to our feminine selves*, our divine selves, and our selves in communion with nature.

Let the goddesses teach you, let the goddesses guide you. Dance like them! See her Social Media For Deets.

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