Dance Centre Kenya Presents: Online Classes

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: May 05, 2020

Kenya’s premier dance school  Dance Centre Kenya have come up with an ingenious way to keep the kids moving amid the crisis: Virtual dance lessons. Classes will include:

RAD classes: students should all remain in their current RAD level until the September term. It is highly encouraged  that the dancers in Grades 1-5 take twice a week as to not fall behind.

Pointe Classes: All pointe students are welcomed and encouraged to take at least two pointe barres a week but only students with a minimum of two and a half years of pointe work should sign up for the Saturday

advanced pointe class. 

Open Classes: This will have international dance teachers instruct throughout the term. This will especially be happening in the Open Level Ballet Classes and the Silver and Gold Contemporary Classes. The Intermediate Open Ballet Class can be taken by students from Grade 4 through the Intermediate level.

Pilates: This is open to the general public. DCK highly recommends that any of the students who are serious about dance and fitness over the age

of 9 consider joining the early morning Pilates classes. This will get the day started with energy and wake up their bodies and brains before schoolwork starts. 

Beginning-Intermediate Foundation: This class is intended for first and second-year ballet students over the age of 12. This is not a class intended for Intermediate Foundation students who were registered for exams

this year.

Salsa Footwork: This is an open level class designed to bring you to Havana. It is a combination of fun steps

and body movement to get you up and dancing to your favorite Latin tunes. 

Toddlers and Mommies:This is a class in which we explore our bodies, the space around us and the music

while using our imagination to go on adventures together. A perfect class to do together with your little one of

approximately 2.5-3 years of age. Not only fun for mommies

Basic Age Guidelines:

Bronze- 5 – 8 years old

Silver- 9-12 years old

Gold- 13 and older

Toddlers- 2 & 3

Pre-School- 3 & 4 years old

Pre-Primary- 5 years old

Primary- 6 years old

Grade 1: 7 years old

Grade 2: 8 years old

Grade 3: 9 years old


****All placements is at the discretion of the teachers


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