‘Daddy’s Home’ Review: Let the Dad-Off Games Begin!

‘Daddy’s Home’ Review: Let the Dad-Off Games Begin!

Daddy’s Home Review

The premise of this comedy film is pretty simple and very relatable: A man marries a woman with children from a previous relationship and just as the children are starting to love and accept him as their stepfather, the biological father shows up and rocks the new family unit’s smooth sailing boat.

In Daddy’s Home, Will Ferrell plays Brad, a radio station manager aspiring to and succeeding at being a good husband and stepfather to new wife Sarah and her kids Megan and Dylan, until Sarah’s ex-husband comes into town. What follows is a soft battle pitting dad against stepdad; a competition between the two men as they show each other up for Sarah and the kid’s attention and affection.

For most of Daddy’s Home, the humour is from the dialogue exchanges between the characters. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. The film also includes some visual comedy gags and the famous Ferrell slapstick sequences which fortunately never become unbearable. Ferrell and Walberg have great chemistry together, complementing each other in their respective roles for a cohesive physical comedic outcome. 

Daddy’s Home Review

Ferrell may be known for his sense of humour but it’s Walberg that steals the show.

As members of the main cast, Linda and the kids’ main purpose in Daddy’s Home is for the development of Ferrell and Walberg’s characters and they don’t have a lot to do. The supporting cast are the film’s break-out stars with amazing comedic performances. A cameo appearance by a famous face spices up the ending. Why doesn’t he just make a complete switch to acting?

Daddy’s Home is a typical Will Ferrell comedy with the formulaic approach and style exhibited in all past film projects. All things considered, this isn’t Walberg’s best work as it’s nothing more than the two actors engaged in silly fights with each other. The product placement is a tad too much, making the comedy appear like a parody of itself.

For some silly harmless laughs, be sure to catch Daddy’s Home.

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