Coupledom: Natalie & Rnaze

Coupledom: Natalie & Rnaze

#couplegoals Lifestyle Vlogger and Instagram star Natalie ‘Tewa’ Wangechi and Visual Artist Rnaze let us in on where they met, crazy stans, their fave baecation and what they’ll be up to this Valentine’s day.

Maureen Kasuku

Natalie & Rnaze  Valentine’s Special

KB:  When and where did you meet? Was it love at first sight? Who made the first move?

Natalie: Hahaha! now that is a story and a half. We probably can’t tell you the full story right now, but it will be in a Vlog very soon.

But in short, one day (October 17th, 2017) I was invited to a photoshoot by 2 girlfriends of mine (Steph & Salma). I was reluctant to go and we were super late…plus I had a Natural Hair event to attend at the same time. When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised by this tall, dark & handsome man staring back at me. Plus his accent…mama Mia. During the photoshoot, we had a few incredibly long & intense glances at each other.

Long story short, it sort of felt like love at first sight because after that day, no one could separate us.

KB: Who made the first move??

Natalie: Haha! ME!

KB: Natalie, you’re known as the hot Architect turned vlogger. Rnaze, You’re the CEO of Strut It Afrika and visual artist. How do y’all handle the crazy stans in your DMs and real life who don’t know what boundaries are? Does Social media insanity impact your relationship?

Crazy stans! Team mafisi are everywhere but we are very focused on building ourselves. We respect each other so much that we don’t direct our energy to any distractions. We share a lot on social media but also keep a huge part of our personal life private. So when it comes to ‘team mafisi’ online, we don’t have any problems.

KB: You’re one of the most good-looking couples on the ‘gram’. You’ve got to let us in on your workout regimen. Special diet?

Natalie: Haha, thank you! We go to the gym together every morning, but we have different training programmes. I focus on resistance training and a little bit of cardio for a toned body. Rnaze focuses on heavy resistance training for building muscle mass. I’m trying out a new eating programme named Intermittent Fasting which has a number of benefits including fat loss.

Rnaze: My diet is mainly high protein, low carbs, low fats and lots of fibre. We also supplement our diet with whey protein, creatine and multi-vitamins.


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Finally after one year of consistency (okay at least 80% 😅), 90KGS of pure muscle. Now please pass me those fries.

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KB: What do you love most about your bae?  Natalie, let’s start with you.

Natalie: Hmm, so many things to love about him, but honestly my favorite thing is his caring heart. He looks like a macho man, Mr tough guy but deep inside he really is the sweetest, kindest man. Especially to the people he cares most deeply about.

Rnaze: Honestly, I have a thousand things I love about her, but in this case I would have to say her ability to light up my day, even when I have a really dark cloud hovering over me. She not only makes me smile, but also makes me strive to be a better person.

KB: Which celebrity couple is #goals for y’all?

Will Smith & Jada!

Woke, successful and are amazing parents. A reflection of who we want to be.

KB: This is just for laughs. Celebrity crushes?

Natalie:  American Actor, Jason Momoa

Rnaze: South African Influencer, Mihlali Ndamase

KB:  Date night. What’s it like? Eat out? Netflix and chill?

A bit of both, but we would pick Netflix & Chill with ice cream & brownies over anything…any day.

KB:  Natalie, what’s your fave Romcom movie?

Passengers with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence.

KB: What’s your fave couple pastime activity? Keep it PG. We are a family paper. Lol!

Haha! Netflix & Chill 😊

KB:  Y’all travel A LOT! What’s your most memorable baecation?

Natalie: My first trip to Uganda last year. The food was amazing!

Rnaze: I would have to say the same. It felt good taking her home and we had an UNFORGETTABLE experience.

KB: What’s your dream vacation?

Natalie: Bali

Rnaze: Santorini

KB: Can y’all let us in on how you’ll be spending Valz 2019 or is that “hush hush”? And what does Valentine’s day mean to you?

We are thinking of taking a short trip to Entim Sidai in Karen.

It’s a beautiful location. Very serene and peaceful. We loved staying there last year because it gives us a chance to connect away from all the noise.

KB: Rnaze, if you had only 1000 bob where would you take Natalie? Your ‘Travelling to Mombasa on a budget’ vlog was popular so this should be easy peasy.

Haha, wow. You got me cornered on this one.

I would take 700 Bob off to buy some good ingredients and I would cook her a meal that would blow her away.

Then I would pack it up, get some dessert for 300 bob plus a candle or two and I would take her for a candle lit picnic in the best spot I can.

KB:  Natalie, does Rnaze always remember birthdays, anniversaries, date nights or do you have to hit him up like ‘babe, do you know what day it is’?

Natalie: He is very good with such things actually! Sometimes better than me 😃

KB: Would you ever consider doing a Natalie and Rnaze reality show?

Yes definitely, maybe a YouTube TV show like Will Smith has with his family, it would have to be on our own terms though!


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KB: Rnaze, is the pressure on to cuff Natalie for life?

Rnaze: Yes of course. But all in God’s time.

KB: Natalie, would you consider relocating to Uganda and build an empire with Rnaze?

Natalie: Moving to Uganda…tricky… but definitely have an amazing home in Kampala, I absolutely love the place.


Quick Fire

  What’s sexier? 90s R&B or Early 2000s?

  Natalie: Early 2000s

  Rnaze: Early 2000s

   Sweet or Savoury Snacks?

     Natalie: Sweet

     Rnaze: Sweet

Champagne or Wine?   

Natalie: Wine!

Rnaze: Wine…but Whisky after please

Movie night or go clubbing?

Natalie: Movie night and clubbing 😊

Rnaze: Movie Night then Go Clubbing

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