Concerts in the age of COVID-19: Kikwetu Festival

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Posted: September 16, 2020

Nothing beats the experience of attending live concerts; the moment when the artist looks out from atop the stage and the entire arena literally vibrates with the screams of everyone around you. Ah, the good times pre COVID-19. 

In the age of social distancing, what is the future of concerts now that the country is slowly opening up? Kikwetu Festival is going to be Kenya’s first social distancing concert. This October 4th at the Carnivore grounds, music lovers will get to enjoy a live concert amid a pandemic.

The theme is ‘The Drive-In Experience’. Attendees will drive into the venue and enjoy the music either from inside their cars or in private viewing areas that are two meters apart.

The festival aims to lead the revival of the cultural, entertainment and event industry, which took a hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

It also aims to increase visibility and accessibility of live Kenyan music, develop skills and opportunities for those in the music industry, and strengthen networking for artists.

Would you jam or nuh?

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