Comedian Njambi Mcgrath’s Mirthless Woes

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: September 13, 2019

After a disastrous performance two months ago at the Laugh Festival, UK-based Kenyan Comedian Njambi Mcgrath serves us the tea on what went wrong.

She addressed the unfortunate events on her Facebook page. She said  “He (Churchill) (sought) me out having watched my videos online and flew me to Kenya to perform and I was very honoured to perform in my home city of Nairobi. Bad idea”.

Njambi said her worst moment on stage was when MC Jessy tried to perform a lurid dance with her in front of her mother and her daughters.

Njambi added that two minutes into her performance things went south in what she says was like interrupting people in a bar to tell them jokes about slave trade. “It was very noisy and extremely chaotic. I asked the audience if they wanted me to carry on and the rowdy drunks yelled no! The feeling was mutual!,

The audience started heckling her and demanding that she leave the stage and she was adamant to oblige. Churchill came from back stage to help calm down the already fed up Kenyans.

However, in a rejoinder Laugh Industry;s head of communications Ken Waudo dismissed Njambi’s claims, saying that she wanted her family’s needs to be catered for. “You (Njambi) indicated you were with your family which was not part of what we were to take care of. We had sponsorship from Panari Hotel and you were part of the comedians who were to be accommodated but you declined while the rest of us spent there,” said Wuodo.

He further said Njambi’s fees were paid in full and her air tickets reimbursed. “Actually we should be the ones to protest since you gave a substandard show and we paid you full amount,” he said.

Whew Chile! The Ghetto.

See full statement here.

Who do you believe?

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