Chat with Music Maestro Noel Nderitu on his New ‘Love Sessions’ EP

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: March 25, 2019  

KB: You’ve become a formidable Kenyan RnB artist over the years, when did you start doing music professionally?

Well, I released my first project in 2013. However, I’ve been active from as far back as 2010 when I used to do a lot of background work and directing for musicians. Time passed and saw it wise to do my own stuff later on.

KB: You’ve created impressive work regimen throughout, indulge us in some of your previous projects

Ah well, ‘My Kind of Music’ was the first EP I did. The inspiration and concept behind it was the fact that people always kept advising me on the direction which my music should take. I chose not to go with that trend because I really wanted to create a blueprint for young, upcoming artists to do their own thing, hence that name for the EP.

KB: In 2017 you blessed us with ‘The Bridge’ album, which spawned soulful hits such as ‘Everything’. How would you describe the massive success it’s received to date?

The Bridge’ is a 10-track album which I’m pretty proud of producing to date. It went ahead to scoop awards both at Café Ngoma and a Global Music award. This album was received exceptionally well because of the huge music gap I had not accounted for since the release of my previous EP project.

KB: You and Rigga also came together to produce ‘Undugu’. Any particular reason behind that?

‘Undugu’ (meaning brotherhood) is a five-track self-written, mixed and produced collaborative EP with rapper Rigga.The project basically was a call to urge artists in working together towards changing the narrative of seeing each other as competition.

KB: Your thoughts on #PlayKenyanMusic?

Its mind blowing that in 2019 we’re still arguing on whether Kenyan music is good. I mean, the talent is there but I think we really need the much needed support to keep us going. I feel like half of us are stuck in a state of nostalgia of the ‘old skool’ days, with the other half simply being not ready to embrace the new era of Kenyan music and justifying it by saying it doesn’t meet standards per se.

KB: You have a new project out, tell us about it

Yes. My new project is called ‘Love Sessions’. Some good friends of mine challenged me to do a love song, I wrote it pretty quickly I must say. Ended up posing a question to my IG fans on whether I should do a love project and the response was overwhelming! I got married back in November 2018, with the love lines still renting the air, I took it on and completed the EP early this month.

KB: Who have you featured on ‘Love Sessions’?

I’ve featured one Lisa Oduor-Noah whom we’ve been friends for over 13 years now. She just completed her music studies abroad and of course, with the impeccable talent I know she has, she did fit perfectly on ‘Your Name’ song.

I’ve also been humbled enough to work with musician Sage on ‘Tusichoke’. I recorded the two songs with both of them on the same day!

KB: Any personal favorites off the new EP?

I would definitely go for ‘Blame’, probably because Rigga introduced another element on that track. ‘Your Name’ is also a vibe I’m enthusiastic about at the moment.

KB: Any more projects we should expect from Noel in 2019?

I’m doing a surprise project which I can’t talk much about for now. What I can say however, there’ll be everything you’d expect from Noel, including a full-length album. Hoping to finishing it in good time.

I’ve also done something on ‘Coke Studio’ which is currently airing.

Got featured by South African producer, 37 mph on his collaborative album which should be released soon.

KB: Who would you like to do a collabo with?

I really like Bensoul and Alice Kimanzi. Working with them would definitely be awesome!

KB: One thing you’d like to let your fans know?

Thank You. Taking time for listening and growing with me musically is something I don’t take for granted.

Noel’s Socials: @noelnderitu on IG |


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