Celebrity Skincare Secrets from Lupita and 3 Others

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Posted: June 22, 2021  

Winter can have a debilitating effect on your skin leaving it chapped and weary. Here is some celebrity skincare wisdom for getting soft, supple, and youthful-looking skin:

1 – Double cleansing

Celebrities have access to high-tech beauty treatments but their skin secrets are often inexpensive. Kerry Washington strongly believes in double cleansing as it yields glowing skin.


Double cleansing was brought forth by K-beauty. It involves washing your face thoroughly with two cleansers.

2 – Be diligent with your skincare regime

Rosie Huntington-Whitely believes that consistency is the key to supple skin. She avoids sun exposure as the harmful rays are extremely dangerous for the skin health. Practicing your skincare regime regularly and wearing SPF every day can yield tremendous results.

3 – Embrace multi-purpose products

Having more room in your toiletry bag is the best advantage. Lupita Nyong’o carries calendula ointment with her all the time as it’s the ultimate healer for scars, scrapes and burns. Open to explore the wide range of skincare product reviews.

4 – Antioxidant-rich diet

According to the studies published by NCBI, we know that food can affect our skin. Olivia Palermo counts on having lots of berries as they are enriched with antioxidants. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.


You can keep on experimenting and trying new methods until you find a product that is beneficial to your skin type.

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