Celebrating Thanksgiving in Nairobi? Here’s Where to Get Essentials

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: November 18, 2020  

As a non-denominational, secular holiday, Thanksgiving is arguably the most celebrated holiday in the US and it’s considered the most important dinner of the year for many Americans. 

This is the only time many working people in the US get to see relatives and childhood friends. But for Americans living abroad,  the fourth Thursday of November is just another day and may make them feel homesick. 

If you’re an American living, working or studying in Nairobi and would like to feel closer to home this 26th November, here’s where you can get Thanksgiving essentials to help you plan a fabulous dinner.


Turkey is considered a top priority for most non-vegetarian households, taking front and center at the Thanksgiving feast. Whether it’s roasted, smoked, brined, or fried, a Thanksgiving feast is considered incomplete without this bird on the table. 

Nightingale turkeys are considered the best in Kenya (and most humanely treated).   You can get them at  Greenspoon and Kalimoni Greens.

You can also get a live, mature Turkey for Ksh 6000 from Atyne Poultry Farm in Kahawa West. They also offer slaughtering services.

Cranberry sauce

Tart and sweet, cranberry sauce brings out the savory, juicy flavor of the turkey and is a staple on Thanksgiving tables. Get a jar of Ocean Spray Smooth Cranberry Sauce at Zucchini for Ksh 415.

Pumpkin Pie

Sweet and satisfying, pumpkin pie is the quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. Check out this KB pie recipe.  The Windmill Bakery in Parklands sells pie crusts for Ksh 2000/Kg.  Tiramisu Bakery at the Village market are selling their delectable pumpkin pies this Thanksgiving for Ksh 380 a slice.

*If you’re good in the kitchen, brush up on your American culinary skills and invite your Kenyan friends to partake in America’s favorite holiday meal.


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